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Window Quality

Don't just look through our sunroom windows...

Look very
AT Our

  • 3 1/8" jamb depth
  • Heavy gauge window frames
  • Full-sized handle grips
  • Double locks
  • Three track system
  • Operating screen with lock
  • Large rubber bumpers
  • Poly-pile weather stripping
  • Rubber glazing system
  • 4.5 mm heat tempered safety glass
  • Height adjustable steel ball bearing rollers
  • Drainage sloped sill

SunCo ManufaturingIn the competitive arena of consumer products, there are very definite levels of quality. The time to assure sunroom quality,
is prior to it being attached to your home.

SunCo - Manufacturing - Windows

SunCo offers window sets in widths of up to 8' and they are matched to our system's patio door sets for ease in creating balanced designs.

Lift out the operating half of one of our windows and you can't help but notice the substantial frame. Turn it over and have a look at the steel rollers, and how they run on a standing fin in the lower track. These will not jamb or bind.

SunCo - Manufacturing - Windows

Windows and doors are designed for movement, and are the primary sunroom components to either enhance the long-term enjoyment of your sunspace or provide unwanted grief sooner or later.

Our windows are among the major features purposed to set SunCo Sunspaces apart from all others. Please don't just look at pictures,
or just listen to the talk (positive or negative), get your hands on the product and shake it, push on it, look for the weaknesses, discover the places where it differs from the rest.


The entire reason we made our three full-sized displays open and accessible without supervision, is so that serious viewers will really check them out.

When you've finalized your own design, return to our zero salesman showrooms, kick back, get comfortable and have a good look at every little piece involved in your soon to come SunCo Sunspace.

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